Sunday, July 25, 2010

Friday, July 23, 2010

Campug Sunflowerug 2010ug

Hola Chicas,

We are allready pack and ready to go see the VET, (Campug Sunflowerug 2010ug)should be arrived soon, we have everything pack

We have extra beds and feather Headbands, can't a campout with out them

Mama Made a lot of Beef Burrito with extra Cheese .

and we are bringing some extra Coronas,

See you later ladies


Spongy and Licky

Monday, July 19, 2010

A little about us


Well I think I have to tell a little about us , two year ago, my first moma (who my 2nd mama cousin) was living in a big house with three of us puggy Sponge Bob (that me spongy), Licky and Patrick also Matilda a Bulldog. We were happy there but we had to change house to a Condo, so my 2st Moma decided that my Grandpas House was a good place with a patio and since my grandma Tita (that we did not meet her, she just passed away 2 month before we arrive )we could be company for us.

When we arrived at Abuelos House, we were received by the whole human family and we met are new brother Oso (bear), that they picked up from the neighbor carwash , that was closed and they left him there , Tita would go and feed him every day until she convince the owner that if she could keep him, that was 4 year before Tita when to Heaven. Oso crossed Rainbow Bridge 6 month ago. But we know he’s running and playing with Tita.

Oso "Bear"
They called us first “las Locas” the crazy ones, because we would go on dining table and sit there, run all over and bark like crazy dogs, peed and poop on bed and Licky love peeping on pillows, (anybody need some gently perfumed pillows????) since my Abuelo was thinking we where too much , my Mama decided she would keep us but had to live with Abuelo, because Mama & Dada had already 8 humongous Dog, and she was afraid they would think we were chicken burritos, they decided to reorganized they life so we would have a home,so since Mom, was working at Abuelos and had her Craft room was there because she was the one who took care of Tita, she was sick with cancer, and since my wonderful Dada is her boss, they are both architects, she design , he constructs, he let work there thank goodness for the Inkernet, people never knew she was not at the office, jijijiji.

That is Licky on Top, me Spongy on botton
So, my Mama come every morning at 8:00 am , we wish she came at 11:00 am , but she says we don’t need more sleep since , we sleep all day, and stays there until 8:30 pm after her Telenovela show, that Licky hates because it has horses, she goes crazy jumping at the T.V. , they sometime stay at the weekend or even a weeks because Abuelos goes golfing in San Diego on the weekends, and sometime visits my Tias (aunts) my mama has 4 sisters.

That is Lickky barking at a Boxing Match , that she does not like either.
and my Mama messy craft room & our bedroom.
It has been 2 years, and know instead of the “Locas” , we are the “chicas” girls, my Mama was about 152 million episodes of the Dog whisperer, and we became, well mostly me civilized, Licky sometime just snaps and cannot be control, well that is enough for know I think is time to sleep o take nap, we will give more information on the rest of the family. Thank you for hearing our story.
Here are some photos from we where "locas"


Spongy & Licky

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hola Again!!

These are more photos of the feather shoot, hope you like them

This is me again, Spongy

This is Licky she was not on Modelish mood,
she is a Crazy Diva you should know.

Licky, again

Hope everypuggy have a great weekend!!!
Spongy & Licky

Friday, July 16, 2010



We are Chicas Libelulas, that is in Spanish , since we live in Tijuana, Mexico(that is right next to Sunny San Diego Ca.) I am Spongeta Condesa de Huachipor F.F. but everybody calls me Spongy, I am the Big Sister o Mama of Nicoletta but we call her Licky, my Mom love to do Crafts she an Archutek, hi builgs things with my Daddy who that to, she also does alot accesories for my Human Cousins L.M. & M.P. the name of accesories is Libelulas that means Dragonfly, and when someone uses her stuff she calls them chica Libelas, that Dragonfly Girls, and since we are her Best Models, she says we are the Orginal one and Only, and we decided we would shair the photos of us when she uses us as Models.

This is a Photo of me when momy discoverd feathers I think she went a little crazy, but I like it.

See you later


Spongy & Licky