Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Our Twin Brother SpongeBob and Licko !!!!

We would like to present our Twin Brothers!!
Licko and SPongeBob
Ohh and Izzy is triplet to Licky and Licko!!
Spongy & Licky

Friday, April 15, 2011

Thank You Wilma !!!! You are the BEST Baddest Girl EVER!!!!

Thank You Wilma !!!! You are the BEST Baddest Girl EVER!!!! Who ever Thought being bad can be so GOOD!!!

Well Wilma from

even gave a great prize a

Sunflower Sister's Picture Frame Ever!!

Here I am SPongy with a Package for US!!!

Licky is giving it a Inspection!!! Open it Mamma!! MMMMM it smells like Sunflowers!!!
Is in it Beautiful!!!

We just Love IT!!!

Love Love It!!!

Muchas Gracias!!!!


Spongy & Licky

Pee.S. We just make a Complaint about La Mamma , she Did not Buy ANY McCheesy Burgers the other Day!!! She say's we are still on Diet!! So we are gona give her a special PRESENT Inside of the

Kitchen's Screen Door!!! It feel good to be BAD!!!!


Friday, April 1, 2011

Hola Mami Cecy!!!

Hola Chicos!! Just wanted to share our trip to see our First Mami Cecy!!

Now get your PoppyCorn there

are gonna be alot of Pictures!!

Mamma put us on the Pugmobile

and we are ready to GO!!!

Mamma Hurry !!

When Mamma Was at a Stop light she look back

and found me Spongy sitting on Licky .

Why ??? She Ask.

I said Because I want to Mamma

Our First person we saw was our Hum-nieces Annie

she is Mami Cecy Grandaugher!

Here you can see our attack on Mami Cecy!!

Lickky is in Kissing Mode!

Licky Kissing Mode on Daddy Craig!!

(Our Papa Gigio was working he could not come)

Here we are with mami Cecy!

While we were there we forgot to tell you we went to our Hum-sister House were she lives with her husband , Annie, and Baby Sophia

she is a newborn and sleeping so we could not see her. And our Hum-sister has two Baby 6 month Bulldug son of our sister Matilda, that she lives with our Mami Cecy is SanDiego with

Patrick our Pug Brother.

Ok here I am Spongy in front not so happy to meet Bingo!!

Licky was more Happy to see him.

Mami Cecy, Bingo and Licky

Too much love from Bingo

Annie trying to convice SPongy to say Hi!!

but as you can see she was not Happy!

Finally After a Gizillion Photo one of all of US

on top Left to Right

Annie, mami Cecy, Daddy Craig

On botton Left to Right

Spongy(not to Happy) ,


Bingo (who knew Licky was his aunt was to lovuy duby with her)

and Blanco ( who like Spongy was not Happy to Pose) Well we hope you like our short Trip!!

Driver Please take home, and please go directly McD, for some

20 Cheesyburger each Please!


Spongy & Licky