Tuesday, October 4, 2011

National Taco Day!!!!

We we heard it is National Taco Day!!
We are still on Diet, but La Mamma remembered she took some picture of us before our diet Day!!

You once a Week our Papa would bring us Tacos, one each just Meat and they were sure yummy, La mamma says since it national taco day she ask Papa to bring some, because La Patrick has not tried some, but she say she will post them probably for next Year hahahahha, she is a procrastinator so we hope she remembers well enjoy this original Mexican Tacos!!!

One taco for each!


Spongy , Licky & La Patrick

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Las Primas (cousins) come to meet Patrick!!

Hello everpuggie!! How have you been????We hope September was great so many thing happening, new son/nephew, Mexico’s Independence Day!! (Lot of Firework we don’t like), Patrick getting used a Diva House Ruling!! And la Mamma working to much to blog, at least she has been trying to say to all our bloggie friends from all of us!, She has not been taking a lot off photos, but we did had a visit from our Hum-cousin L.M. & M.P. they wanted to meet “la” Patrick, let me explain that yes “la” is a word that expresses a Girl, but even though we explain to our cousin Patrick was a “el” He, she still call her a “la” she, but that class on the birds and bees if her parents!!!
Well they were so happy to meet him, and he was all happy and luvy too!
Here are some photos’ please enjoy!!!

Patrick(left ) & Licky Mom(right)

Waiting for our Cousin to arrive
Went to the front Yard to receive them

This La Mamma showing off her Hydrangeas

she say's it the only plant she has not killed they were

our Tita's (mom's mom) they were beautiful lilac and light blue

Ok back to the meeting


L.P. playing with Spongy!

Two our Favorite people La Mamma and L.M.

Ok Let time to take a nap !! Those girl are exhausting !

Have a greatDay


Spongy,Licky & “La “ Patrick