Friday, September 2, 2011

Welcome Patrick Dempsey!!! the new Dr. McDreamy !!

Hello Everyone !!

La Mamma Here to introduce the
New Chico to our Home!!

Well he is Licky Son, we knew she had had puppies, but we did not know he was with a cousin (the one who owned Spongy & Licky too)well he was living with family but one of the other dogs she had, crossed over the rainbow bridge and he was so sad, and since was working to much he was left alone all day, so she call me this week if I considered having him because he was so sad of his fur-friend passing, well we said yes! what is another Pug, beside having the Girls we have 5 Big Dogs, (Clara and Bonnie you know the rest are our Office they are Daddy’s Boys,) but well we decided to take him in, and since he is Family we could not say no to Licky’s Son.
So we introduce to you Patrick Dempsey ,
he so Handsome Guapo!!! We think he is the new Dr. McDreamy !! We will post more photos on Tuesday, of Mother and son reunion and also Tia Spongy, hope everyone has a great Labor day Weekend!!!