Sunday, June 12, 2011

Our New Fushia Pocket Dressses!!!! and Visit to Cousin's House

Our New Fushia Pocket Dressses!!!!

and Visit to Cousin's House
Firt we want to thank our Tia Punchy she made us this Beautifull Dresses

Specially to match our human Cousin dress!!

We are ready in the Pugmobile ready to go to our Cousin House

Here we are Waiting for the Door to Open
Open Open Open!!!

Here you can see our Pocket Jean Dress with Fushia Ruffle Dress!!
Hellooooooooo anybody Home?????
Were are you LM & MP we can't see you!!!

Can you see we Match!!!
L.M. she is wearing a Jean Skirt with Fuschia Shirt
Just like Us!!!!
and her Shirt says PUG Me!!!

All of us Posing but our Little Cousin M.P. did not want to cooperate
But can you see she is also wearing a Pug & Kisses shirt
and saying "woof woof"

Another Family Picture
Well La Mamma forget to bring the Camera when we went out
on the back yard they are fixing for us to come over and Play!!
It is big yard with a lot of Green Grasss to poop and pee on!!
Ohhh my Pug heaven!!!
But we promise to show you once it is done!!
Well we play and runed , and played fecth the ball with cousin
run around all over the place until the sun came down!!!
Then we came home La Mamma took Pictures of us after

Well we were tyred!!!

Licky did even let us take her dress off!!

Well we Hope everpuggie has been Ok, we have not been able to comment

a lot cause Asistonta said she was having problem , but thank to

Licky Twin Izzys Bro Anakin Macho Man

he tolds what to do!!!

Trying to catch up!


Spongy & Licky

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Heeeellllllooooossssssssssssss!! We are Back!!!

Heeeellllllooooossssssssssssss!! We are Back!!!
Did you missed US!!
WE sure did misses ALL f Youuuussss!!!!
Our Assistonta (la Mamma) had to work on some dumb
job remodling a House!! How dare she abandone our Bloggie friends
from our Beautifull Selfiness!!!
Thank God She can work at Home, because at least she
was with us all day long!! That the only good thing!!
and we had so much pictures and adventures but you have
to wait little by little we will post!!
First of all we have not Introduce You our Baby Sister( from another world)
Clara Kuma, Why that name the Papas crazy but, what can we do!
It is a long story but in short, her Mama had her litter at
a House we rent, Pappa, kept the litter and gave Free to peolple he only
aproved, and he kept the smallest and the one he says needed him most!

Let us introduce her our new Sister!!
She is only 5 month old!!

That is Pappa in the Family Picture!!

That is our Mamma in tha Family Portrait!!
Our Sister Bony, still does not Like us
so we banned her from the Picture!!

Well we hope to visit everyone we can tonight,
tomorrow , and all week!!


Spongy & Licky!!!

P.S. La Mamma Her, my spellcheck does not like me today sorry
for all my errors, Saluditos