Tuesday, August 30, 2011

We won Again!!! Las Dorothy' Rocks!!

We won Again!! Las Dorothy's Rock!!

We are liking this Wining Thingy!!

We went to a Festival of Dogs, with our Hu-Cousins,

Can you beleive we were the ONLY Pugs in the whole Club!!

So obvisly we Rock , Won First Prize on Best Costume,

Since it was the two of Us,Four Hu-cousins & two Mammas, and a Gazillion Dogs, Tia G only took one photo and the battery went Dead, so the only Picture is from the News Paper, yes we made it to the NewsPaper!! so here we are second from left ro right, hope you like it!!.

OOOhhhh Tia Punchy , we like this Winning we already investigating what will the pugapaplooza 2012 theme will be!!, they have many options our favorite is Pugo de Mayo!! we have are braids ready !! we just need our Beautiful Dress as soon they decide we email Tia!!


Spongy & Licky

Las Dorothy's

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Pugapalooza at •Annual Del Mar Pug Party!!! Part 2 Photos

Hellooo Again!!!
Here are a gazzillion Photos of the Event
We did not know anypuggy so we don't know who they were,
but there costumes are pawesome!!

Pappi, La Mamma & L.M.

with Us!!We felt like Stars everyone wanted to take pictures of us
Can you see our Ruby Red leggings?
That is our Abuelo (grandpa)
They won best Group he's stroller was the Hurracane

and he had Dorothys House on he's Back

his pawrent were Dorothy's Grandparents

2nd Place Group : over the Rainbow Blue Birds Fly
they Pawdicures
She as the only other Dorothy

can you believe it!!

Can you see the Big Guy in the Front!!!
He is Huge!!!
Handsome Lion!
Anakin Macho Man we found your Twiny!!!
Tin Pug
Another Lion!
She won 2nd place female costume

We had a Real TOTO!!!

Hope you liked the photos


Spongy & Licky

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pugapalooza at •Annual Del Mar Pug Party!!!

Pugapalooza at •Annual Del Mar Pug Party!!!

We know we have been very bad fur-friends, but it all her fault we think we are going to go to our Tia Sarah’s (http://hank-itellyawhat.blogspot.com/) House to stay for while with Hanky Guapo, La Mamma has been working a lot , but thank goodness we help with design ideas she says we are her Achichincles ( we do all the hard work), we give pug kisses as facial massages, sit on her back to stretch our legs so she get Neck massage, we remind to eat (so she will feed us and Papa too) and we remind when it is time to go to Bed, but she says she has been behind saying hello to all our bloggie friends, so she promise 2 post in a Month with a lot picture!! She promise so SHE BETTER BE GOOD or we are moving because we LOVE you so much and missed you we need our bloggie LOVE!!!!

So we have working with La Mamma so we can get a lot of treats and In&Out Cheesburgers and tacos, Visiting our Hum-cousins once a week,
And thank goodness life has been good!!!
So we went in May (we are very behind) to the Pugapalooza at •Annual Del Mar Pug Party, it was our first year ever to go, it was so fun they were pugs everywhere is Pug-Heaven!! The theme was Wizard of OZ!! And thank to Tia Punchy (http://pugpossessed.blogspot.com/) she made us the most Beautiful Dorothy Dress,( http://www.etsy.com/shop/Pugpossessed) so we can enter the Costume Contest !!!
Here is A LOT of Photos so go get the Poppy corn and lay down to see the whole adventure!!!

We had to Cross the Border from Mexico to San Diego, Ca. THat is only part of the line to cross they were 2 gazzilions cars behinds Us!!!

Hurry Mamma!!! we want to amke it on time!!

Helloooos Sir !!!We are US Citizen let’s GO!!!

Pappa and Mamma with Licky

Now with Spongy!!!

When We arrive at Del Mar, we went on a little train Filled

with Puggies to go to the Party!!

Ok Mamma Female Contest Remenber!!!

Licky as Dorothy!!!

Spongy and Licly ready !!!

That is us on the Right ,

with some of the contestant, can you believe we were

the ONLY Dorothy on the Constest!!

WIn Won 1st Place!!!

We were so Happy!!!!

Ok Mama Give us our Prize!!! Let GO!!!

Mama are we there YET!!!!!

Mamma it was all worth it this is better than McCheesy Burger sorry

we need to send you some so you can taste the difference!!!

MMM Cheeseburger!!! plain with Extra Cheese!!!

Pappa Hurry I am hungry!!!

Come on Mamma give me more cheeseburger PLEASE!!!

forget about our Kibble.

MMMMMM they were GOOOOD!!!

Thank you Pappa and Mamma!!!

Lets go HOME!!!

Yay !!!!

Thank you for taking our trip with us!!!

We promise to show in this week (she promised)

with all the rest of the gazillion photos of all the Pugs in Costume

it was Pug Heaven!!!

Love you, Lots of Hugs and Bechos

Spongy and Licky