Saturday, August 28, 2010

La Mamma LOVES Martha Stewart

Hola Chicos!
We have miss all of you so much La Mamma is such a bad Assistonto, she has not even said hi on all of bloggie friends not even written, she been a lot busy , doing to many things at a same time, she has been doing that boring archy thing, it is boring because she just sit there looking at the computer thingy, she
does even get up for snackies or nothing for us!
She also did 1 billion of this (la Mamma here, we did only 100 but sure felt like 1 mill) that what she said , she added bling , flower paper a lot of work but it she finally finish so she can pamper us more.

The other day she even brought us some presies from Pet Smart, we are not Lucky to have one in TJ, our Pawrent have to Cross the border to go there, even we have gone, they like to takes us there when they are only going there, but since they only go to San Diego once a week to go to Costco, Wal-Mart o LE Targeit, The Homdepot & finally Petsmart, the other stores don’t allow Pets how dare they!. So the y don’t like leaving in the car son much time, and we don’t like being without them, but every time they go they bring something for us. Well this time La Mamma was like a crazy person when they arrive, she said she bought some Super special, specially she is a CRAZY Martha Stewart FAN, and she bought some great Birdies and Pink Tennis Balls, and a Watermelon stuffie, (that we are going to hide when Renatta come over).

OHHH Mamma what did you bring us!

Pink Tennis Balls!

Love my Birdie Mamma & Dadda!

We are going to say to go visit our human cousin, and spend the day with them;
Hope everypuggy has a great weekend
Spongy & Licky

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Lorenza said...

I can see your mom has been very busy!
She bought pawesome toys for you two!
I like the sandia.
We don't have those stores here... and the border is 9 hours away!
Kisses and hugs